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  Prestressed Concrete Spun Piles


Properties of Materials

1. Concrete

Coarse Aggregate and Sand gradation as per TIS 398-2524.

  • Portland Cement as per ASTM Designation C 150 TYPE 1 or TYPE 3 or as per TIS.15-2524/2517 Type 1 or Type 3.
  • Ultimate compressive strength of concrete cylinder not less than 500 ksc as per TIS. 398-2524.
  • Compressive Strength of Concrete Cylinder at Transfer not less than 250 ksc. as per TIS. 398-2524.
  • Curing with Steam and / or Water.
  • Prestressing with the pretensioning method.
  • 2. High Tension Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire
    • PC Wire Diameter 4 mm., 5 mm., 7 mm., 9 per TIS.95-2525.
    • Ultimate Tensile Stress not less than 16,500-17,500 ksc.
    • Initial Tensile Stress is 70-75% of the Ultimate Tensile Stress.

    3. Cage Steel Wire

    • Steel Wire Diameter 3 mm., 4 mm. or 5 mm,as per TIS 194-2519
    • Ultimate Tensile Stress not less than 4,100 ksc.
    Advantages of PC Spun Piles
    1. Ultimate Compressive Concrete Cylinder Strength is more than 500 ksc, therefore the pile has a higher load capacity than normal PC piles.
    2. Piles with two or more sections are as strong as single piece piles, as the welded pile joint plates are prestressed to the pile body (using button heads on the PC Wires). Normal dowel bars are also used for anchorage.
    3. Two or more sectioned piles are more easily transported in narrow roads.
    4. PC Spun piles can be installed by Centre - Augering or Pre - Boring methods which reduce vibration at nieghbouring structures.
    5. PC Spun piles can withstand higher Tension forces, which make them suitable for high rise buildings with wind load and earthquake problems.



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